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North East Taxi Service – Why Taxi for North East

Taxi for North East – Affordable North East Taxi Service, is one of the fastest growing tourist car service in North East India region. We provide tourist cabs for your business travel, package tours and sightseeing packages across North East region.

We have an array of vehicles with us for your lovely sightseeing experience. Taxi for North East, the best North East Taxi Service Provider has expert drivers and an affordable pricing as compared to other tourist cabs plying around Meghalaya and Assam.

Taxi for North East have the facility of online pre-booking for travelers who have not yet arrived. You can pre book a cab by clicking here and pay later.

For your best in class experience, North East Taxi Service has a range of cars to suit your varying travel needs ranging from hatchbacks to sedans to SuVs. As mentioned above, our pricing is budget friendly and affordable.

We will take you to various popular exotic sight seeing destinations across Shillong, Meghalaya and Assam. The many exotic destinations that Meghalaya offers will surely leave you enthralled.

Meghalaya, Shillong